Monday, July 30, 2007

Intel Classmate PC

The Intel Classmate PC displayed at OSCON. Looks good, apparently sells for 200$ (maybe large volumes) - one of the developing countries has ordered more than 100,000 of these. Has a 20G hard disk, 512 MB (?) RAM, runs a 900 MHz mobile celeron processor.

The Classmate runs Mandrake and Microsoft Windows XP

Monday, July 16, 2007

Feedburner Blogger Integration

From the Feedburner site,

If you host your content on a Blogger blog with a address (or use Blogger's “custom domain” feature), you can now redirect your native Blogger feed to your FeedBurner feed (quite easily, might we add). Gone are the muggy, languorous days of wrestling with "autodiscovery" tags in foreboding corners of your Blogger template code or hacking through this tangled discussion thread for a glimpse of configuration clarity. Starting right now, you just log into your Blogger account, select Settings | Site Feed, enter your FeedBurner feed address and click "Save Settings." Zap! Pow! Kraaakkkk! Now you've got the complete picture of how your content is being consumed out here, out there, out everywhere.

Why is redirecting so important?

We're glad you asked. By redirecting your feed, you can get a true picture of how many subscribers you have. Some of you might even see a few more subscribers magically appear, though results will most certainly vary. Why so? Sometimes, publishers inadvertently fragment their feed audience by offering more than one feed address on the blog itself or within their autodiscovery tags (the method by which feed readers automatically detect the address of your feed for syndication purposes). This results in some subscribers not being counted, and no one wants that in a world where everyone should count for something. By redirecting your feed, you can consolidate any straggler subscribers and greatly improve your ability to effectively measure your audience.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fun with Tables

Via Ajaxian

Brasero - CD/DVD Burner for Linux

If you are looking for an CD/DVD software other than the usual K3B/Nero for Linux/wodim, Brasero might be worth looking at.

It has a simple interface which supports drag and drop of files from Nautilus, previewing of files.

On Ubuntu

Install : sudo apt-get install brasero