Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gmail viral collaborative video

Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Now what's that ? Its Ubuntu 8.04 ! Ofcourse its releasing April 2008 (8, 04)

Ubuntu Hardy Heron is the next LTS ( Long Term Support) version which means that there will be 3 years of security updates for the desktop and 5 years for the server.

Here is the mail to the list

Watch your TV remotely on your mobile

There are couple of companies which let you watch your TV, photos and listen to your music stored on your computer. This way, you would eliminate the need to have a high capacity mobile phone.

The one we are looking at is Orb

It works like this, you install the software on your home PC. If you want TV, you then install a TV tuner card, and then keep your PC switched on and connected to the Internet. You can then access whatever is stored on your PC remotely on your mobile. Its not just that, you can remote control too!

Most of the recent phones with a internet browser, real player or windows media player will work just fine. Also, you will have to have a 3G or a Wi-fi connection for this to work really well. A GPRS connection would work too, only that its slow :)

Now you go to, login and request for TV, songs and photos and they will be redirected from your PC. There are specific applications like Winamp which could be remote controlled as well

There are others as well - Slingmedia which provides physical devices called the Slingbox do the same job as well lets you stream directly from your TV too and lets you remote control your TV as well as your computer.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Uniquephones - iPhone unlock video

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bloglines beta - uses Dojo, Dijit Widgets

Unlocking the iPhone Links

New Jersey teen cracks iPhone

George Hotz' iPhone unlocking HOWTO

Engadget verifies iPhone software unlock utility

iPhone unlocked using SIM cloning

Instant Messengers for iPhone

IM Client Supported Networks URL for Safari Browser
MeeboYahoo!, MSN, GTalk, AIM, ICQ
Trillian AstraYahoo!, MSN, GTalk, AIM, ICQ
JiveTalkYahoo!, MSN, GTalk, AIM, ICQ
Mundu IMYahoo!, MSN, GTalk, AIM
eBuddyYahoo!, MSN, AIM
Tinybuddy IMAIM
IM+ for SkypeSkype
Apollo IM
AIM (download)


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getdeb - the latest Ubuntu packages

The official Ubuntu policy is that you don't get newer packages unless its a critical bug fix. So, the good folks at Getdeb thought that they would give the latest deb packages.

So if you wanted Pidgin for your Ubuntu installation and all the related Pidgin packages, you just go in here, get the packages and install it - simple isn't it ?

Dojo - tutorial - in 30 seconds

If you are planning to use a Javascript framework for your web applications, Dojo 0.9 which was released recently is a almost a perfect choice.

To get started with Dojo, Alex of has an article describing on how to get started with Dojo, including using the CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Take a look at the tutorial

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

Ubuntu has released Gutsy Gibbon - Tribe 5 image for all you folks to download!

There are plenty of features to look forward to in this version including a new printing version.

You can get the image here

The final release date for Gutsy Gibbon is on October 18 2007

If you would like to track how the schedule for the Gutsy Gibbon looks like - Go here

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Adsense between Blogger Posts

1 Log into your Blogger account at .
2 Visit your blog's Template tab and click on the Page Elements link.
3 Click Edit in the Blog Posts section.
4.Check the box next to Show Ads Between Posts. You can then select how often you'd like your ads to appear, such as once after every post or once after every other post.
5.Please note that right now, it's only possible to insert Google ads using this widget, and not AdSense for search boxes or referral units.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Google Adsense - no support, you are screwed!

Does Google give you any support at all ? One of my friends had his Adsense account disabled and despite many mails to Adsense Support (email) and the Invalid Clicks Appeal
they don't seem to respond at all. My friend owns a popular website which gets over 8000 pageviews per day (not named, because his invalid clicks appeal is not responded yet!)

It's just not Adsense, Google doesn't provide any support to most of the products be it Google Groups, Gmail or more . Services go down regularly, and there is nil support!

The intoxication of being rich and big has got to Google for sure!

MapmyIndia - local maps for India

I am sure many of you would have already heard of this before - If not, here we go - MapmyIndia is the Indian version of Google Maps/MapQuest - It supports most of the features that Mapquest and Google Maps have, gives out detailed information including distances. Search is a bit flaky, but overall, something is better than nothing

Go to MapmyIndia

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to School - Firefox!

Back to School ! Why would Firefox be left behind. This edition comes with add-ons that students might frequently use , such as Zotero, StumbleUpon, and Foxytunes.

Get it

Google Local and asklaila search for India

Google Local for India launched sometime back and is getting fairly popular. Along with the search, you get related pages, reviews, photos and more.

asklaila is another such service which seems to provide just a little more - even your local plumber wala's details. pretty neat too.

Know any other ? Let us know!

Google Maps - embed in your page

View Larger Map

How ? Search for your location, Click on the Link to this Page, you will get your embeddable code!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fake death to get out of Verizon contract!

Corey Taylor said he became irate when he learned he'd have to pay $175 to get out of his long-term contract with Verizon Wireless

Washington Post has more!

Gtalk - cannot connect on Pidgin ?

If you have problems connecting to Google Talk on Pidgin, make sure you have the following settings

Click on Accounts > Your Account > Edit Account to get the Modify Account Screen

In Advanced Tab,

Connect Port : 5222

Connect Server:

HTML to Wiki Converter

html2wiki converter lets you convert html to WIKI pages. If you have never used WIKI markup before, this is for you. It's probably a good starting point to start learning the WIKI markup language by looking at the converted code.

Dojo 0.9.0 released


  • unified look and feel for all widgets
  • ambitious a11y and i18n features in every Dijit widget
  • a mature CSS-driven theme system with multiple, high-quality themes
  • huge improvements in system performance
  • data-bound widgets
  • Declarations for lightweight widget writing
  • a new page parser that allows instances of any class, not just widgets
  • no magic


  • reduced API surface area (easier to remember and use)
  • dojo.query() always available, returns real arrays
  • from-scratch high-performance DnD system
  • Base (dojo.js) is 25K on the wire (gzipped)
  • APIs finalized
  • new build system
  • new test harness for both CLI and browser use
  • dojo.behavior now marked stable and based on dojo.query
  • excellent animation APIs with Color animations in Base (always available)
  • all the features you’ve come to count on from Dojo (RPC, JSON-P, JSON, i18n, formatting utilities, etc.)


  • high quality implementations of previously experimental features: gfx (portable 2D drawing), data wires, offline, storage, cometd, etc.
  • dojox.gfx now includes Silverlight support

Here is tour of 0.9 !
Get it here!

iriverter - convert your videos for multimedia players

iriverter is a frontend to mencoder (comes along mplayer) that lets you convert videos for various multimedia formats like H320, H340, PMP120, PMP140, U10, iAudio X5, iPod Video

iriverter is available for Windows, OS X and Linux

On Ubuntu - use - sudo apt-get install iriverter

For others download from the iriverter site

Sunday, August 19, 2007

30 P2P services

Mashable has come out with a list of 30 P2P tools, some of them you wouldn't have heard of !

Go there

Friday, August 17, 2007

Truveo - improved...!

AOL has released Truveo - their video search engine as a separate product and not as a part of their AOL Video site.

Truveo is a neat video search engine and is rated very highly in the industry - This version of Truveo is much cleaner, results look great - it searches multiple web sources and categorizes the results based on those channels. One irritant is not able to play videos from sources like BBC, CNN on Truveo itself.

Try it out at http:/

Limo Foundation - a open mobile software platform

Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, and Vodafone established the LiMo Foundation to develop the Foundation Platform, a Linux-based, open mobile communication device software platform.

A world-class Linux-based platform aims to provide key benefits for the mobile industry including lower development costs, increased flexibility, and a richer mobile ecosystem - all of which contribute to the group's ultimate objective of creating compelling, differentiated and enhanced consumer experiences.

The Foundation's purpose is to advance the creation, evolution, promotion, and support of the Foundation Platform and to cultivate an ecosystem of complementary products, capabilities, and service

Go there

Search engines and privacy

CNET makes a comparison of how the search engines handle privacy. Big boys Google and Yahoo retain your data even after 18 months.

Youtube streaming made easy

Youtube now allows you to stream videos much more easily - You can now fast forward, view any part of the video and not wait for the buffering to be completed - just drag it with your mouse!

Joey by Mozilla

Nope .. its not Firefox for mobile phones yet..

Joey can be used to watch a video or read on your PC, and then read the same on your mobile phone. Not sure why someone would do that, maybe a way to send directions, maps ? to your mobile phones.

Look at the video below for more!

Project Joey, Customize Your Mobile Web Experience - Tutorial from AirMozilla and Vimeo