Friday, June 15, 2007

Galeon - the fastest browser in the world

I was looking for a lightweight browser to supplement Firefox (I use Cookieswap for different profiles too). I was trying to use Opera but somehow I hate the way it renders. So, ended up trying Galeon - which based on Gecko and again am pleasantly surprised at the amazing rendering speed - Now, I believe it's probably the Fastest browser in the world

To install on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install galeon

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Aalaap said...

Even I can't get myself to really like Opera for too long. I try out all the new releases and use it for a few days, but I just end up going back to Firefox. Everytime I install Vista, I try out IE7 for a few days, but I can't take any more of it after that. I liked K-Meleon.. nice.. but I still just need Firefox. I'm too used to it. I'm not sure I like that much.