Thursday, December 20, 2007

PDF Split and Merge

pdfsam is an open source tool (GPL license) designed to handle pdf files. It requires JVM 1.4.2 or higher and it’s released in 2 versions, basic and enhanced.

pdfsam basic can split and merge pdf files -

* split your pdf documents (into chapters, single pages, etc.).
* merge many pdf documents or subsections of them.
* exctract sections of your document into a single pdf document.
* save and load your environment to automatize your recurrent jobs.
* manage pdfsam settings and set an environment to load at start up.

pdfsam enhanced also lets you encrypt your pdf files (RC40 bits, RC128 bits, AES128 bits) and set permissions on them. It also lets you add a pdf cover or footer (or both) to your pdf documents.

Get it here for Windows

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