Sunday, December 31, 2006

Prediction Time!

This time of the year is for predictions and we have come up with our set for 2007!

  • Vista will still make money! and yes, not surprisingly it will still be insecure
  • Few Web 2.0 startups will survive 2007
  • AOL will survive 2007 ;-) or get taken over
  • Google will continue to dominate the world diversifying even more
  • Ubuntu will gain more popularity than ever
  • You will start seeing more video ads!
  • Blogging will surge even more and a promiment medium for communication
  • India will start to find some outsourcing competiion from other countries but will continue to lead
  • We will see the Apple Phone which will be very popular
  • Firefox will continue to gain market share - around 30% this year end
  • Skype will run on losses - VoIP will be more widely used

More as they as come...

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