Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What are the big guys doing?

Almost all the big Internet companies (and probably software companies) have a Labs site where they dish out the latest they are working on.

Here are some of the most popular ones

1. Google Labs - http://labs.google.com

I guess many of us would know about this. This is where Google has their latest 20% innovations

2. Adobe Labs - http://labs.adobe.com

Adobe has probably defined Internet so quietly (or maybe Macromedia ;) ) that we use all of their products and yet be oblivious that its made by Adobe. At Adobe Labs, you will probably find the next generation Internet platforms that Internet companies work on.

3. Yahoo Next - http://labs.yahoo.com

Yahoo calls their playground - Yahoo Next. They have pretty interesting products lined up like My Web 2.0 Beta and is worth a check.

4. AOL Labs - http://labs.aol.com

AOL has a labs page too, their labs concentrates mostly on AIM and its plugins

5. Microsoft Research - http://research.microsoft.com
Doesn't exactly have too much of Web experiments, but they do have some interesting projects such as Nocturnal

Their http://labs.msn.com throws up something which probably associates them best -Service Unavailable

Know any other company playgrounds ? Leave us a comment!

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