Friday, October 05, 2007

Skype 1.4 for Linux

Skype has released a new version of their software for Linux. Codenamed Panacea, it delivers superior voice quality compared to Skype 1.3

Following are the new features of Skype 1.4

  • feature: Command line switches, run “skype —help” for more details.
  • feature: —resources= to set an alternative to /usr/share/skype for resources.
  • feature: Add an option to Sound Devices to enable/disable automatic mixer adjustment.
  • feature: Allow keyboard/keypad to be used to enter DTMF numbers in call window.
  • feature: Clickable links in chat topics.
  • feature: Tooltips for emoticons in the chat window.
  • feature: Chat toolbar with Add People, Send File(s) to Chat, History and Leave Chat buttons.
  • feature: Confirmation dialog for Leave Chat button.
  • feature: Drag-and-drop files to chat input box to send files to chat.
  • feature: Drag-and-drop files to individual contacts in chat or contact list to send files.
  • feature: Drag-and-drop users from contact list into chat input box to send contacts.
  • feature: Drag-and-drop users from contact list into chat memberlist to add to chat.
  • feature: Dragging of contacts into other programs (text entry) will copy skype:.
  • feature: File transfer menu.
  • feature: API OPEN FILETRANSFER and OPEN USERINFO commands.
  • feature: Auto-accept file transfers.
  • feature: “Cleanup transfers” button.
  • feature: Key ‘F6’ to bring main window focus instantly to Quickfilter.
  • feature: Interface language choice in Options based on translation files available (restart required).
  • feature: “New version available” dialog.

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