Sunday, November 05, 2006

Best Cricket Sites

Am compiling the list of the best cricket sites. If you have something to add. Just leave a comment and I will add it here

BBC Cricket

This low profile site from the BBC has latest news and covers most international and county games

Latest news, real time cricket content and good stats

This site - now acquired by TV18 has undergone a lot of makeover- this site is worth a watch with lot of news & videos which I guess is a brainchild of Rajdeep Sardesai. Doesn't have too much of stats though

Everything else from Indiatimes is BAD except their cricket portal. Good for India Cricket News.


The home of cricket and certainly is. Gets a little slow when India plays :)

New kid on the block. Little slow though


Punit Pandey said...

Thanks for the information. Please try and let me know your opinion. Though it is different from the mentioned portal, but might be interesting for cricket fans.

Anonymous said...


Mahacricket has changed its homepage... Its looking damn cool now.... Check it out...

Anonymous said...

yes...the Mahacricket new page is really cool...especially the Flash News on top!!