Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stickis - the social web annotator

Got an invite to test out Stickis - the social web annotator.

Stickis lets you add blog feeds, build a community based on your "notes" and read other's annotations.

What ?

  • You add/subscribe blog feed(s) + you can showcase your own blog/site
  • Add annotations/notes to whatever urls you like.
  • Let others "subscribe" to your annotations/network/site and build a big community of readers! Your annotations could be on any site/url.
  • In future, Stickis promises to restrict the notes subscription to whoever you wish to grant access to - Right now, whoever has subscribed to your network can read your notes.
  • You can also get alerts whenever someone posts a note

Why ?
  • As I understand it now, If you have a site, people get to read your site. You can read other's sites as well through the feeds.
  • You get to hear opinions through annotations which might provide interesting insights of what people actually reading and commenting on - this could be an equivalent to the comments that you see on various sites - but, your subscribers will get to read all your comments at one place.. Ah... digg + comments ?
  • You can either add new notes through the website or through the extension that they provide only for Internet Explorer. That meant I had to reboot to Windows :(
  • However, they plan to add a Firefox extension soon.

Overall experience was completely different and it took sometime for me to understand what exactly I had to do :).

Update (Dec 4)

from Stickis has left a comment that they now have a Firefox extension. Will try it out! Thanks !

Try it out and see if you like it - for now, I am gonna skip this one - atleast I get a Firefox extension

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Jean Sini said...

Hi there, thanks for the post. We've been busy with our launch in the past two weeks, but have just released the Firefox extension for Stickis, give it a spin!