Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How to setup a blog & make money - Part 2

If you haven't read the first part of this series, you should now!

Show it to the world

Once you have setup the blog, comes the difficult time where you understand what your readers really like. However, to understand what they think, you need more visitors - So, we are in deadlock situation

Your new blog would be indexed by Google in about couple of days - which basically means appear on Google Search when someone searches for content that appears on your blog.

Labels, Tags - The new Blogger platform supports labels/tags which is basically used to make the searching job easier for the search engines

Technorati is another place where you should claim your blog - which means that you list your blog on that site and tell the Wolrd tht you own it. TECHFLOCK has a technorati page which shows the sites which link to this blog, ranking etc. Lower the ranking, the better. See the most popular blogs

Money Money Money

If you thought was that it was easy to put up a blog and make money - you are COMPLETELY wrong. Money flow can be slow and low - but usually depends on the number of visitors you get to your blog. Most of the bloggers prefer Google's Adsense program which is easiest to setup and get some ads on your site. Google Adsense is a targeted ad system - which means ads displayed are based on the content you write. There are other options such as Text Link Ads which is a flat link based ad system.

After you signup for Google Adsense, you will get Ad Code which you will have to put on your site - Again, the Blogger help would be a good reference on how to integrate those ads on your blog. You will be sent a check from Google once you earn 100$ or more.

My personal advice is to not think of the money to start off, just concentrate on the content and money will flow in - its the same as in all the other disciplines.

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