Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why you should use SQLIite!

Some of you may have heard of SQLite being mentioned once in a while - But then, you hardly noticed - didn't you ?

SQLite is a C library implementation which supports most of the SQL 92 syntax.

If you are looking for a really FAST database engine which doesn't involve too much of complex tables, SQLite is for you!

It's no client-server! No need to configure a server, the server resides on the host you program! And almost zero configuration

Hey, its fast ... check the speed comparisons with MySQL, PostgresSQL and FirebirdSQL

C, C++ API if you like coding in them or plenty of other choices as well!

Public domain source code - do whatever you want - they don't care!

Not Popular ? Are you kidding ? Mcafee uses it and so do all these folks!

Hey its portable too ! I got it working on my StrongARM based machine! Other ports!

SQLite is a Google O'Reilly Open Source Award Winner!

And finally....

One person was able to get Python, Perl & PHP people to all agree on something. No small feat. They all agreed on the success of SQlite, and began using it in earnest by being small as well as extremely fast for all the most common database functions.

Dr Richard Hipp (SQLite)

Try it out ! You will like it!

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