Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How to setup a blog & make money - Part 1

The other day, someone I know asked me How do I make money through blogs. This article will give a overview of how to setup a blog and sprinkle in those ads that will fetch you some moolah. While I don't claim the blog I am writing to be making loads of money, I can certainly tell you how to start off.

This is a beginner's topic, if you know it all, move away...

If you are still here, lets go....

  • Write about something you know

    Whenever you plan to start a blog, its very desirable that you know what you are going to put in it. For example: Techcrunch mostly talks about Web 2.0 startups and the services they offer. If you know Opthalmology, offer your readers something that others don't or atleast a subset. Basically, what I am saying is be sure of what you are writing and you have enough content and updates to keep it going in the long run.

  • Update as often as you can

    People like updates and learn new things. So, you keep your site updated as often with interesting tidbits of information. Provoke them - see the Basic Networking Commands article a little below in this page if you want an example . Non-Controversial is not good enough :-D.

    Hey guys, I do know about netcat, arp, arping ...etc etc. I also know about ettercap which can be used to sniff a on switch based
    network. Thanks for all those comments - I am sure a lot of people benefit from those very insightful comments :)

    Sorry for deviating. So, in summary, you write something interesting, thought and comment provoking :) and most importantly useful.

  • Learn as you go

    Believe me, you will never make it popular when you begin. It will take time, as long as a couple of years! Be patient and at it always! You will also discover on what to write that brings in you those visitors gradually. For Example: I learnt that, people like to read content filled articles than tidbits and tips that I used to provide on this blog before. Understanding your reader is part of the process.

  • Set up a blog

    For beginners, I would certainly recommend Google's Blogger - You will need a Google Account for that. Think of a name to suit what you write. Once you setup the blog, you will be transferred to the Blogger Dashboard from where you can Start Posting Articles. Google maintains an excellent Help section which you should look at as often as you can especially you are new to blogging.

    Once you get started with the above things, we will look at how to put in those money making ads in our next part of the series

    ..To be Continued ..

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